Water Damage Restoration​​

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Water Damage Restoration​​

We have the best and most highly trained professionals in the water damage restoration business in New York. Our professionals are ready to take your phone call and send out a service provider immediately to walk through your property to determine the extent of the damage. Our assessment of your restoration needs includes a lot of aspects that most restoration companies do not consider. For one, the competition has a one-size-fits-all plan for your property. You should not settle for this. Instead, we consider all aspects of the job, including whether or not the insurance will cover the damage. We know that keeping costs at a minimum while satisfying all parties and completing a thorough job is necessary to maintain our reputation.

Water Damage Restoration Service

Residential and commercial buildings are not built to hold large amounts of water. Water is meant for appropriate places such as the sink or the bathroom. However, water can cause a serious concern throughout your building in areas that water is not supposed to be. Unwanted water could occur in several ways:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Flooded water from bursting pipes
  • Rain or thunderstorm water seeping through cracks
  • Disaster zone flooding

Water Damage Assessment

How do you know that your building has water damage? One way of knowing is to walk through your facility often to discover unwanted water. Another way of knowing if there is water damage is to look for mold, fungi, animals, and damp areas. Water damage does not just threaten the structural foundation of the building but also creates hazardous materials that need to be removed. Some of the dangerous materials include mold, bacteria-infested water, animal droppings, hard to breathe damp areas, and fungus buildup.

If you see the hazardous material or water damage, you should consider contacting our water damage restoration Queens office. Our Queens office specializes in assessing and restoring water damage. You must address the water damage immediately to prevent harm for yourself or other occupants of the building.

Water Damage Remediation

Our professionals are highly trained in assessing water damage and restoring the property. We use a methodology that has been successful for over 15 years of service within the industry. First, we will identify the source of the water damage by surveying the property and reviewing the findings. Next, we document the results of any tests that we have completed, including meter readings, pictures, and compiled accounts. Our team then collects all the data and reviews the findings with you, the client. Finally, we put together a course of action tailored to your needs on remediation, including preventative measures, and potential upkeep issues.

When mold is detected due to water damage, we will immediately find the source and develop a plan to fix it. Usually, there is a need to extract humidity and excess moisture from surfaces in the area. Our water damage restoration Queens team will provide you with a complete assessment and plan to decontaminate mold. The decontamination process includes complete removal of mold, sealants to prevent future mold, and antifungal coating. The last stage of the mold removal process involves consulting you on how to upkeep the building to prevent future mold from building up. This includes a consultation, a test to ensure that the area is clear of mold, and future visits to ensure that the property is de-humidified.

Flood Cleanup Queens

Flood cleanups are a common water damage issue that our company services regularly. For whatever reason it may be, basements on residential and commercial properties could have abnormal levels of wanted water in them. Our water removal Queens division knows how to quickly and effectively pump out water that has been built up in a storage area. This storage area includes basements and even work areas that generally do not have water contained inside.

Our flood cleanup Queens division will quickly pump out any water and begin the assessment process to estimate water damage in the area of your property. You must have professionals address the flooded area immediately as hazardous materials could form as a result of the flooding.

For flooded basements, you should contact our flooded basement Queens team immediately. This team is prepared to seal off any leaking pipes or busted water heaters to quickly prevent excessive damage to building equipment and valuables. Our water damage restoration Queens team will then provide you with a professional estimate at no cost to you to restore the property.

Ask for a free inspection and estimate. Our water damage restoration Queens professionals are ready 24 hours seven days a week to quickly and effectively rid your property of water damage.


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