Fire Damage Restoration​​

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Fire Damage Restoration​​

Our company specializes in water damage restoration and fire damage restoration. Our 15 years of experience include handling complex and sophisticated fire damage rehabilitation. Fire damage restoration Queens is a division of our company that is highly qualified with experienced professionals that know how to address fire damage repair for residential and commercial properties.

Professional repair crew with the know-how

Fire damage restoration Queens has completed multiple fire damage restoration projects and related services. These projects and services include:

  • Property contents cleaning
  • Property contents removal
  • Soot cleaning
  • Smoke odor control
  • Smoke odor cleanup
  • Reclamation
  • HVAC cleaning

Our professional repair crew at fire damage restoration Queens is prepared to address all fire damage to your property. Fire damage to your property includes direct physical loss that smoke, heat, and fire can produce. Damage from a fire can also include indirect damage points such as damage to water systems and fire retardant hazardous materials that have been used to put out the fire. Damage to the water systems could have flooded the property and could have produced hot steam that damaged the property’s wood foundation. Our fire damage restoration Queens division will address hazardous chemicals that have been used on the property and even emitted throughout the property.

To assess the possibilities of damage throughout the property, a competent and qualified professional is required to estimate the cost of repairs. Our professionals at fire damage restoration Queens are knowledgeable about the sophistication of putting together an estimate that considers all parties. Our estimators will discuss your budget and insurance considerations. Upon approval of the estimate, our professionals will handle the restoration of your property with state-of-the-art equipment and products. Recommendations will be made to do a thorough job to remove any trace of fire damage.

Smoke damage removal service

One of the most toxic substances that are left on the property after a fire is a smoke and ash. Smoke and ash could be in hidden places that could cause multiple health illnesses. Hot smoke from a fire can move into areas that are not intended for the smoke to be. Smoke can rise into the attic, into crawlspaces, and even though the plumbing system. Without being addressed by experienced professionals, the annoying stench of a dampened smoke smell will stay throughout the property.

To rid the property of the annoying and hazardous smoke order, fire damage restoration Queens will use the state-of-the-art ozone treatment to remove any smoke smell left on the property. Our fire restoration team Queens uses a process that has been put together from years of experience to address the putrid smell of nasty smoke. The method includes using state-of-the-art chemicals to neutralize the odor and smoke scent hanging in the air. We are confident that our fire restoration team will rid the property of nasty smoke and better the property’s environment by ensuring that there is clean, pure, and breathable air.

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