Emergency Service​​

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Emergency Service​​

When disaster hits, our company is ready to help you restore your property to working condition. We have more than 15 years of working experience in handling water damage restoration and fire damage restoration in the greater New York area. We have handled emergencies for residential and commercial properties within a short period that we are now considered a disaster emergency restoration service.

Our restoration teams are ready to take your emergency call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For those who are located in the city of New York, we have prompt professionals that will be there within 30 minutes. Get a free estimate. Call us now!

What should you do when there is an emergency?

Water emergency

Residential and commercial property owners should know the location of the water shut off valve. This critical information could help save money and even life in case of flooding due to a water pipe break. There have been many times where basement flooding occurs when a pipe or water heater breaks due to old age. Our flooded basement Queens division is running around the clock to pump water from your basement to relieve the possibility of a total loss to your basement property.

Our company division, flood cleanup Queens and water removal Queens know how difficult it is to remove unwanted water. Sometimes property owners will remove water on themselves, believing that water removal is the only action that is required. However, the property owner should know that the removal of water is not the only concern that they should have. An area inundated with water for long periods could have multiple issues. These issues include:

  • Erosion
  • Water seepage into unwanted areas
  • Mold buildup
  • Fungus buildup
  • Animal droppings near a new water source

An experienced professional at water removal Queens will have the know-how of what to look for when it comes to preventing longer-term damage to your property. Basement cracks in the wall could lead to down the road issues that could make the living space untenable. Getting an estimate on water damage restoration after our team has pumped water out of the property is a decision that has positive consequences for years to come.

Leave it to our professionals to pump water out of your property if there is a flood. Our state-of-the-art technology will remove water within minutes to a safe location away from harming anyone.

Fire Emergency

When a fire occurs, you should contact 911 immediately. After the fire, you should contact fire damage restoration Queens. The homeowner’s first impulse is to clean up the fire mess and to recover the sentimental property. However, touching a fire-affected area without a professional with you is a dangerous thing to do. A homeowner, like yourself, could make the damage worse, including causing injury to yourself and others.

Our fire damage restoration Queen’s company will provide you with a free estimate that will ultimately restore the property. This estimate will consider all aspects of your insurance and including your budgetary constraints.

You can be assured that all the chemicals that we use are 100% environmentally safe. The chemicals that we use on your property will help remove smoke damage that is hazardous to the health of yourself, your family members, and the animals that live on your property. We use treatment technology to pretreat all fire-affected areas, including walls, air ducts, furnishings, carpets, vents, and any other areas that are believed to be an issue by our professionals. This chemical treatment quickly removes smoke order and discoloration. When done treating the property, our professionals will carefully remove the treatment along with the hazardous substances that are produced from spraying affected areas.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Our team is waiting for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to restore your property.

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